104: Indices & Surds 2

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More Complicated Examples with Indices

B1-05 [Indices: More Complicated Examples]

B1-07 [Indices: Write in the form 2^k]

B1-08 [Indices: Write in the form 3^k]

B1-09 [Indices: Write in the form 4^k]

B1-10 [Indices: Write in the form 5^k]

Problem Solving with Surds

B2-12 [Surds: More Complicated Examples of Rationalising the Denominator]

B2-13 [Surds: Solving Equations with Surds]

B2-14 [Surds: Examples of Solving Equations with Surds]

B2-15 [Surds: Find Where Two Lines Intersect]

B2-16 [Surds: Prove a Surd is larger than 2]