recognise and use relationships between operations, including inverse operations (e.g. cancellation to simplify calculations and expressions); use conventional notation for priority of operations, including brackets, powers, roots and reciprocals

N3-01 [The Commutative Law]

N3-02 [The Associative Law]

N3-03 [The Distributive Law]

N3-04 [The Problem with BIDMAS / BODMAS / PEMDAS / BEDMAS]

N3-05 [Priority of Operations Part 1: + and -]

N3-06 [Part 1 Examples]

N3-07 [Priority of Operations Part 2: Brackets, + and -]

N3-08 [Part 2 Examples]

N3-09 [Priority of Operations Part 3: x and ÷]

N3-10 [Part 3 Examples]

N3-11 [Priority of Operations Part 4: Brackets, x and ÷]

N3-12 [Part 4 Examples]

N3-13 [Priority of Operations Part 5: Brackets, x and ÷, + and -]

N3-14 [Part 5 Examples]

N3-15 [Powers and Roots]

N3-16 [Reciprocals]

N3-17 [Priority of Operations Part 6: Brackets, Powers and Roots, x and ÷, + and -]

N3-18 [Part 6 Examples]