use standard units of mass, length, time, money and other measures (including standard compound measures) using decimal quantities where appropriate

N13-01 [Units of Mass]

N13-02 [Appropriate Units of Mass]

N13-03 [Convert 107kg into Stone and Pounds]

N13-04 [Units of Length]

N13-05 [Appropriate Units of Length]

N13-06 [Convert 10km into Miles]

N13-07 [Units of Time]

N13-08 [Appropriate Units of Time]

N13-09 [Convert 2.35 Hours into Minutes]

N13-10 Convert 486260 Seconds into Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds

N13-11 [Units of Money (British Pound Sterling)]

N13-12 [Least Number of Coins Problem]

N13-13 [Currency Exchange Rates]

N13-14 [Units of Area]

N13-15 [Units of Volume]

N13-16 [Units of Capacity]

N13-17 [Units of Speed]

N13-18 [Convert 20 Miles per Hour into Metres per Second]