estimate answers; check calculations using approximation and estimation, including answers obtained using technology

N14-01 [Making Sensible Estimates]

N14-02 [Estimating the Height of a Tree]

N14-03 [Estimating the Height of a Building]

N14-04 [Estimating the Length of a Lorry]

N14-05 [Approximating Calculations]

N14-06 [Approximations Example 1]

N14-07 [Approximations Example 2]

N14-08 [Approximations Example 3]

N14-09 [Approximations Example 4]

N14-10 [Approximations Example 5]

N14-11 [Approximations Example 6]

N14-12 [Approximations Example 7]

N14-13 [Approximations Example 8]