E4: Further Trigonometry

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Cosec(x), Sec(x) and Cot(x)

E4-01 Trigonometry: Introducing cosec(x), sec(x) & cot(x)

E4-02 Trigonometry: Given sin(x) = 3/7, exact values of cosec(x), sec(x) & cot(x)

Sketching cosec(x), sec(x) and cot(x)

E4-03 Trigonometry: Sketching y = cosec(x)

E4-04 Trigonometry: Sketching y = sec(x)

E4-05 Trigonometry: Sketching y = cot(x)

E4-06 Trigonometry: Transformations of y = cosec(x), y = sec(x) & y = cot(x)

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

E4-07 Trigonometry: Why we Restrict the Domain to find an Inverse Function

E4-08 Trigonometry: Introducing Arcsin(x)

E4-09 Trigonometry: Introducing Arccos(x)

E4-10 Trigonometry: Introducing Arctan(x)

E4-11 Trigonometry: Transformations of Arcsin(x), Arccos(x) & Arctan(x)

E4-12 Trigonometry: cos(arcsin(x)), tan(arccos(x)), cos(arctan(x))