F1: Exponentials

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Introducing a^x

F1-01 [Exponentials: Introducing the function a^x]

F1-02 [Exponentials: Examples of Sketching functions of the form a^x]

F1-03 [Exponentials: Sketching Transformations of y = 2^x]


F1-04 [Exponentials: Introducing Asymptotes]

F1-05 [Exponentials: Sketching y = a^x + b]

F1-06 [Exponentials: Sketching y = a^(x+c) + b]

Introducing e

F1-07 [Exponentials: Maximise (20/x)^x]

F1-08 Exponentials: EXTENSION Maximise (20/x)^x

F1-09 [Exponentials: Introducing e via Compound Interest]

F1-10 Exponentials: EXTENSION e as an Infinite Series

F1-11 [Exponentials: Sketching y = e^x]