work interchangeably with terminating decimals and their corresponding

fractions (such as 3.5 and 7/2 or 0.375 or 3/8 ); change recurring decimals into their corresponding fractions and vice versa

N10-01 [Converting Fractions into Terminating Decimals]

N10-02 [Examples of Converting Fractions into Terminating Decimals]

N10-03 [Converting Terminating Decimals into Fractions]

N10-04 [Examples of Converting Terminating Decimals into Fractions]

N10-05 [Ordering Fractions and Decimals]

N10h-06 Introducing Recurring Decimals

N10h-07 Examples of Converting Fractions into Recurring Decimals

N10h-08 Converting Recurring Decimals into Fractions

N10h-09 Examples of Converting Recurring Decimals into Fractions

N10h-10 Adding & Subtracting Recurring Decimals

N10h-11 Multiplying & Dividing Recurring Decimals