C5: Determinants

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Introducing Determinants

C5-01 Determinants: Introducing Determinants

2x2 Matrix Determinants

C5-02 Determinants: Determinants of 2x2 Matrices

C5-03 Determinants: Area Problem

C5-04 Determinants: Proving det(AB)=det(A)xdet(B) for 2x2 Matrices

C5-05 Determinants: Proving det(kA)=k^2det(A) for 2x2 Matrices

Negative Determinants and Orientation

C5-06 Determinants: Negative Determinants and Orientation

3x3 Matrix Determinants

C5-07 Determinants: Determinants of 3x3 Matrices

C5-08 Determinants: Volume Problem

Determinant Problems

C5-09 Determinants: 2x2 Determinant Problem

C5-10 Determinants: 3x3 Determinant Problem

C5-11 Determinants: When the Determinant of a 2x2 Matrix = 0

C5-12 Determinants: Determinant = 0 Problem

C5-13 Determinants: Proof to find Equation of Line