apply the four operations, including formal written methods, to integers, decimals and simple fractions (proper and improper), and mixed numbers – all both positive and negative; understand and use place value (e.g. when working with very large or very small numbers, and when calculating with decimals)

N2-01 [Times Tables you should know]

N2-02 [Multiplying by Powers of 10]

N2-03 [Dividing by Powers of 10]

N2-04 [Notes on Methods for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division]

N2-05 [Method of Addition with Integers]

N2-06 [Examples of Addition with Integers]

N2-07 [Total Workforce Problem]

N2-08 [Four Cards Problem]

N2-09 [Method of Addition with Decimals]

N2-10 [Examples of Addition with Decimals]

N2-11 [Method of Subtraction with Integers]

N2-12 [Examples of Subtraction with Integers]

N2-13 [Southampton vs Isle of Wight Population Problem]

N2-14 [Method of Subtraction with Decimals]

N2-15 [Examples of Subtraction with Decimals]

N2-16 [Method of Multiplication with Integers]

N2-17 [Examples of Multiplication with Integers]

N2-18 [Method of Multiplication with Decimals]

N2-19 [Examples of Multiplication with Decimals]

N2-20 [Method of Division with Integers]

N2-21 [Examples of Division with Integers]

N2-22 [Division: Going into Decimals]

N2-23 [Examples of Division: Going into Decimals]

N2-24 [Examples of Division: Going into Recurring Decimals]

N2-25 [Examples of Converting Fractions to Decimals]

N2-26 [Mini-Buses Problem]

N2-27 [Remainder Problem]

N2-28 [Method of Division with Decimals]

N2-29 [Examples of Division with Decimals]

N2-30 [Working with Negative Numbers]

N2-31 [Examples of working with Negative Numbers]

N2-32 [Temperature Problems]

N2-33 [Working with Money]

N2-34 [Some Money Problems]

N2-35 [Interpreting a Bank Statement]

N2-36 [VAT Problem]

N2-37 [Interest Rate Problem]

N2-38 [Profit & Loss Problem]

N2-39 [Income Tax Problem]

N2-40 [Adding Fractions with the same Denominator]

N2-41 [Examples of Adding Fractions with the same Denominator]

N2-42 [Subtracting Fractions with the same Denominator]

N2-43 [Examples of Subtracting Fractions with the same Denominator]

N2-44 [Adding Fractions with different Denominators]

N2-45 [Examples of Adding Fractions with different Denominators]

N2-46 [Subtracting Fractions with different Denominators]

N2-47 [Examples of Subtracting Fractions with different Denominators]

N2-48 [Multiplying Fractions]

N2-49 [Examples of Multiplying Fractions]

N2-50 [Multiplying an Integer by a Fraction]

N2-51 [Examples of Multiplying an Integer by a Fraction]

N2-52 [Dividing Fractions]

N2-53 [Examples of Dividing Fractions]

N2-54 [Dividing an Integer by a Fraction]

N2-55 [Examples of Dividing an Integer by a Fraction]

N2-56 [Adding Mixed Numbers]

N2-57 [Examples of Adding Mixed Numbers]

N2-58 [Subtracting Mixed Numbers]

N2-59 [Examples of Subtracting Mixed Numbers]

N2-60 [Multiplying Mixed Numbers]

N2-61 [Examples of Multiplying Mixed Numbers]

N2-62 [Dividing Mixed Numbers]

N2-63 [Examples of Dividing Mixed Numbers]