E5: Trigonometric Identities

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Trigonometric Identities

E5-01 [Trigonometric Identities: Proving tanθ = sinθ / cosθ]

E5-02 [Trigonometric Identities: Proving sin^2 θ + cos^2 θ = 1]

E5-03 [Trigonometric Identities: Simplifying Expressions]

E5-04 [Trigonometric Identities: arcsin(x) = arccos(y)]

Further Trigonometric Identities

E5-05 Trigonometric Identities: Proving sec^2 θ = 1 + tan^2 θ

E5-06 Trigonometric Identities: Proving cosec^2 θ = 1 + cot^2 θ

E5-07 Trigonometric Identities: Simplifying Further Expressions