L3: Central Tendency & Variation

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Ungrouped Data: Mean, Mode, Median & Quartiles

L3-01 [Data: Finding the Mean from Ungrouped Data]

L3-02 [Data: Finding the Mode from Ungrouped Data]

L3-03 [Data: Finding the Median and Quartiles from Ungrouped Data]

Grouped Data: Mean, Mode, Median & Quartiles

L3-04 [Data: Estimating the Mean from Grouped Data]

L3-05 [Data: Estimating the Median from Grouped Data]

L3-06 [Data: Estimating the Quartiles from Grouped Data]

The Interquartile Range

L3-07 [Data: The Interquartile Range]

The Midrange (OCR MEI only)

L3-08 [Data: OCR MEI ONLY The Midrange]

Comparing Data Sets

L3-09 [Data: Comparing Data Sets Problem 1]

L3-10 [Data: Comparing Data Sets Problem 2]

Variance and Standard Deviation

L3-11 [Data: Introducing the Variance and Standard Deviation]

L3-12 [Data: Comparing Data Sets Problem 2 AGAIN!]

L3-13 [Data: The Sample Standard Deviation]

L3-14 [Data: OCR MEI and the Standard Deviation]

L3-15 [Data: EXTENSION Alternative Formulae for the Standard Deviation]

L3-16 [Data: The Standard Deviation from Summary Statistics]

Linear Coding

L3-17 [Data: Introducing Linear Coding]

L3-18 [Data: Example of Linear Coding]