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Feel free to make a copy of the following Google Sheet where you can track which videos you've watched, with links to each video:

TLMaths A-Level Maths Playlist Tracker

These videos are designed for the most up to date specification for England's A-Level Maths, first teaching in September 2017. 

All of the exam boards now cover almost precisely the same content (with a couple of minor differences along the way, as identified), and so these videos are appropriate for all of AQA (7356 & 7357), Edexcel (8MA0 & 9MA0), OCR (H230 & H240), and OCR MEI (H630 & H640).

For an alternative way of navigating these videos, this LINK will take you directly to a LIVE Google Doc that has all of the current A-Level Maths specification and the teaching videos I've made so far, all in one place. Feel free to share it with your teachers and friends!

I have split up the AS Maths and A-Level Maths qualifications into two separate sections so there is no confusion as to which topic is in which. If you are self-teaching (or otherwise), A-Level Maths is generally a two-year course. I would recommend sticking to AS Maths in your first year before moving on to the remaining topics in the full A-Level in the second year.