C1: Introducing Matrices

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Introducing Matrices

C1-01 Matrices: Introducing Matrices

C1-02 Matrices: Special Matrices

C1-03 Matrices: Adding and Subtracting Matrices

C1-04 Matrices: Multiplying a Matrix by a Scalar

C1-05 Matrices: Associativity & Commutativity for Addition and Subtraction

Multiplying Matrices

C1-06 Matrices: Multiplying Matrices

C1-07 Matrices: More Examples of Multiplying Matrices

C1-08 Matrices: Multiplying 3x3 Matrices

C1-09 Matrices: Examples of Multiplying 3x3 Matrices

C1-10 Matrices: Is Matrix Multiplication Commutative?

C1-11 Matrices: Proving Matrix Multiplication is not Commutative

C1-12 Matrices: Is Matrix Multiplication is Associative?

C1-13 Matrices: Proving Matrix Multiplication is Associative

C1-14 Matrices: Matrix Multiplication Problem

C1-15 Matrices: EXTENSION Symmetric Matrices

C1-16 Matrices: EXTENSION Symmetric Matrix Problem