interpret fractions and percentages as operators

N12-01 [Fraction of a Quantity]

N12-02 [Examples of Fractions of Quantities]

N12-03 [Fraction of a Length Problem]

N12-04 [Fraction of an Area Problem 1]

N12-05 [Fraction of an Area Problem 2]

N12-06 [Percentage of a Quantity]

N12-07 [Fractions as Percentages You Should Know]

N12-08 [Examples of Percentages of Quantities]

N12-09 [Historical VAT Problem]

N12-10 [Percentage of an Area Problem]

N12-11 [Fraction & Percentage Problem 1]

N12-12 [Fraction & Percentage Problem 2]

N12-13 [Which of these are the same?]

N12-14 [4% of 25 = 25% of 4]