F5: Exponential & Logarithmic Equations

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From the DfE Mathematics AS and A-Level Content (LINK):

Solving a^x = b

F5-01 [Exponential Equations: Solve 2^x = 5]

F5-02 [Exponential Equations: Solve 3^(x-5) = 7]

F5-03 [Exponential Equations: Examples]

Logging Both Sides

F5-04 [Exponential Equations: Taking Logs of Both Sides]

F5-05 [Exponential Equations: EXTENSION Changing Base]

F5-06 [Exponential Equations: Logging Both Sides Example 1]

F5-07 [Exponential Equations: Logging Both Sides Example 2]

F5-08 [Exponential Equations: Logging Both Sides Example 3]

F5-09 [Exponential Equations: Solve 6^x = 7^(x+1)]

F5-10 [Exponential Equations: Solve 2^(x+3) = 3^(3-x)]

F5-11 [Exponential Equations: Solve 2^(x+2) = 4^(3-x)]

F5-12 [Exponential Equations: Solve 2^(4+x) = 7^(1-x)]


F5-13 [Exponential Inequalities: Inequalities & Considering Negative ln(k)]

F5-14 [Exponential Inequalities: Solve 2^n less than 50^132]

F5-15 [Exponential Inequalities: Solve 0.98^n less than 0.2^100]

F5-16 [Exponential Inequalities: Examples]

Hidden Quadratics

F5-17 [Exponential Equations: Spotting Hidden Quadratics]

F5-18 [Exponential Equations: Solving a Hidden Quadratic]

F5-19 [Exponential Equations: Dealing with 3^(x+2) and 4^(2x+1)]

F5-20 [Exponential Equations: Examples of Hidden Quadratics]

F5-21 [Exponential Equations: Harder Examples of Hidden Quadratics]

Solving e^x = k

F5-22 [Exponential Equations: Solve e^x = 5]

F5-23 [Exponential Equations: Solve e^(2x-3) = 4]

F5-24 [Exponential Equations: Examples with e]

F5-25 [Exponential Equations: Hidden Quadratics in terms of e]

F5-26 [Exponential Equations: Examples of Hidden Quadratics in terms of e]

Logarithmic Equations

F5-27 [Logarithmic Equations: Solve log_2(x) = 3]

F5-28 [Logarithmic Equations: Solve log_3(2x + 8) = 4]

F5-29 [Logarithmic Equations: Solve log_x(4) + log_x(16) = 3]

F5-30 [Logarithmic Equations: Solve log_5(x) + log_5(x-7) = log_5(2) +2log_5(3)]

F5-31 [Logarithmic Equations: Logarithmic Equation Examples]

Solving ln(x) = k

F5-32 [Logarithmic Equations: Solve ln(x) = 3]

F5-33 [Logarithmic Equations: Solve ln(5x - 4) = 6]

F5-34 [Logarithmic Equations: Solve ln(x+1) + ln(x) = ln(6)]

F5-35 [Logarithmic Equations: Natural Logarithm Equation Examples]