N1: Discrete Random Variables & The Binomial Distribution

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Introducing Discrete Random Variables

N1-01 [DRV: Introducing Discrete Random Variables]

N1-02 [DRV: Tabular Example 1]

N1-03 [DRV: Tabular Example 2]

N1-04 [DRV: Tabular Example 3]

N1-05 [DRV: Tabular Example 4]

N1-06 [DRV: A Problem involving a Probability Tree]

Discrete Probability Distributions as Algebraic Functions

N1-07 [DRV: Representing as an Algebraic Function]

N1-08 [DRV: Algebraic Function Example 1]

N1-09 [DRV: Algebraic Function Example 2]

N1-10 [DRV: Algebraic Function Example 3]

Discrete Uniform Distributions

N1-11 [DRV: Discrete Uniform Distributions]

Cumulative Distribution Functions

N1-12 [DRV: EXTENSION Introducing the Cumulative Distribution Function]

N1-13 [DRV: EXTENSION Cumulative Distribution Function Example]

The Binomial Distribution

N1-14 [Binomial Distribution: Introducing Binomial Probabilities]

N1-15 [Binomial Distribution: Introducing the Binomial Distribution]

N1-16 [Binomial Distribution: Using the Formula]

N1-17 [Binomial Distribution: Tabulating Probabilities]

N1-18 [Binomial Distribution: Words to Inequalities]

N1-19 [Binomial Distribution: Finding Probabilities]

N1-20 [Binomial Distribution: A Worded Problem]

N1-21 Binomial Distribution: Mean and Variance