know the difference between an equation and an identity; argue mathematically to show algebraic expressions are equivalent, and use algebra to support and construct arguments and proofs

A6-01 [Equations vs Identities]

A6-02 [Show Two Expressions are Equivalent Example 1]

A6-03 [Show Two Expressions are Equivalent Example 2]

A6-04 [Equating Coefficients]

A6-05 [Equating Coefficients Example 1]

A6-06 [Equating Coefficients Example 2]

A6-07 [Equating Coefficients Example 3]

A6-08 [Equating Coefficients Example 4]

A6-09 [Even x Even, Even x Odd, Odd x Odd]

A6-10 [Evens & Odds Example]

A6-11 [If k is an Integer, then 2k, 2k+1 and 2k-1 are…]

A6-12 [Even x Odd x Odd]

A6-13 [Finding a Counter-Example]

A6h-14 Consecutive Integers / Evens / Odds

A6h-15 Proof Example 1

A6h-16 Proof Example 2

A6h-17 Proof Example 3

A6h-18 Proof Example 4

A6h-19 Proof Example 5

A6h-20 Proof Example 6