use the concepts and vocabulary of prime numbers, factors (divisors), multiples, common factors, common multiples, highest common factor, lowest common multiple, prime factorisation, including using product notation and the unique factorisation theorem

N4-01 [Multiples]

N4-02 [Finding Multiples Example]

N4-03 [Factors]

N4-04 [Examples of Finding Factors]

N4-05 [Prime Numbers]

N4-06 [Lowest Common Multiple LCM]

N4-07 [Examples of Lowest Common Multiples]

N4-08 [Highest Common Factor HCF]

N4-09 [Examples of Highest Common Factors]

N4-10 [The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic / Unique Factorisation Theorem]

N4-11 [Examples]

N4-12 [Venn Diagram with LCM & HCF]

N4-13 [Examples]

N4-14 [Finding the Square Root of an Integer]

N4-15 [Examples]