C2: Circles

From the DfE Mathematics AS and A-Level Content (LINK):


The Equation of a Circle

C2-01 [Circles: Introducing the Equation of the Circle]

C2-02 [Circles: Identifying the Centre & Radius]

Sketching Circles

C2-03 [Circles: Sketching Circles]

C2-04 [Circles: Different Forms of the Equation of a Circle]

Circles: Completing the Square

C2-05 [Circles: Using Completing the Square to find the Centre & Radius]

Intersections with Circles

C2-06 [Circles: Finding where a Line Intersects a Circle]

C2-07 [Circles: Finding where Two Circles Intersect]

Circle Theorems

C2-08 [Circles: The Angle in a Semicircle is a Right Angle]

C2-09 [Circles: Proving the Chord joining A and B is a Diameter]

Circles: Perpendicular Bisectors

C2-10 [Circles: Perpendicular Bisector of Two Points on a Circle]

C2-11 [Circles: Given 3 Points, Find the Centre & Radius - Example 1]

C2-12 [Circles: Given 3 Points, Find the Centre & Radius - Example 2]

Tangents and Normals

C2-13 [Circles: Tangents & Normals]

C2-14 [Circles: Finding Tangents & Normals]

C2-15 [Circles: Determining whether Two Circles Intersect or Not]