02: Core Pure - Matrices: 2D Transformations

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2D Transformations

C3-01 Matrices: Introducing Matrices as Transformations

C3-02 Matrices: Transforming Coordinates

C3-03 Matrices: Stretches and Enlargements

C3-06 Matrices: Reflections

C3-07 Matrices: Rotations

C3-08 Matrices: Deriving the Rotation Matrix

C3-09 Matrices: Examples of Finding a Rotation Matrix

C3-10 Matrices: Describing a Rotation Matrix

C3-11 Matrices: Shears

C3-12 Matrices: Successive Transformations

C3-13 Matrices: Successive Transformations Problems

C3-14 Matrices: EXTENSION Deriving the Compound Angle Formulae