K1: The Large Data Set & Sampling Methods

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The Large Data Set

K1-00 [The Large Data Set: My Take]

K1-00 [AQA Large Data Set - Cars]

K1-00 [Edexcel Large Data Set - Weather]

Types of Sample and Sampling Methods

K1-01 [Sampling: Population vs Sample]

K1-02 [Sampling: Discrete vs Continuous]

K1-03 [Sampling: Quantitative vs Qualitative]

K1-04 [Sampling Methods: Census]

K1-05 [Sampling Methods: Simple Random Sampling]

K1-06 [Sampling Methods: Systematic Sampling]

K1-07 [Sampling Methods: Stratified Sampling]

K1-08 [Sampling Methods: Quota Sampling]

K1-09 [Sampling Methods: Opportunity Sampling]

K1-10 [Sampling Methods: Cluster Sampling]

K1-11 [Sampling Method: Self-Selection Sampling]