139: Pascal's Triangle & nCr

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Sampling Methods Part 3

K1-06 [Sampling Methods: Systematic Sampling]


D1-00 [Binomial Expansion: Introducing Factorials n!]

Pascal's Triangle & nCr

D1-01 [Binomial Expansion: Introducing and Linking Pascal’s Triangle and nCr]

D1-02 [Binomial Expansion: Explaining where nCr comes from]

Simplifying nCr Expressions

D1-03 [nCr: Simplifying nCr Expressions]

D1-04 [nCr: Solving nCr Equations]

D1-05 [nCr: Algebraic Problem 1]

D1-06 [nCr: Algebraic Problem 2]

D1-07 [nCr: Algebraic Problem 3]