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Hi, my name is Jack Brown and I am a full-time teacher and the Subject Leader of A-Level Maths at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College in Eastleigh, England. I have been making YouTube videos on Teaching & Learning Mathematics since 2013.

GCSE Maths [Under Construction] - 514 videos - 37+ hours

A-Level Maths [Complete] - 1126 videos - 103+ hours

A-Level Further Maths (Core Pure) [Complete] - 649 videos - 60+ hours

OCR MEI Modelling with Algorithms [Complete] - 122 videos - 12+ hours

OCR MEI Statistics Minor [Complete] - 120 videos - 12+ hours

OCR MEI Mechanics Minor [Complete] - 150 videos - 11+ hours

+ lots more!

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