5. Sequences & Series

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5.01 Inductive Definitions - Introducing Recurrence Relations

5.02 Given a Sequence, find the Recurrence Relation

5.03 Generating a Constant Sequence

5.04 Finding the Limit of a Sequence

5.05 Introducing Arithmetic Sequences

5.06 How many terms in an Arithmetic Sequence

5.07 Arithmetic Sequences: Finding a and d

5.08 Introducing Arithmetic Series

5.09 Summing an Arithmetic Series

5.10 Arithmetic Series: Finding a and d

5.11 Introducing Sigma Notation

5.12a Using Sigma Notation for Arithmetic Series

5.12b A Problem involving Arithmetic Series

5.13 Introducing Geometric Sequences

5.14 Finding the nth term for a Geometric Sequence

5.15 Geometric Sequences: Finding a and r

5.16 How many terms in a Geometric Sequence

5.17 Introducing Geometric Series

5.18 Summing a Geometric Series

5.19 Using Sigma Notation for Geometric Series

5.20 Introducing Summing to Infinity

5.21 An Example of Summing to Infinity

5.22 A Problem involving the Sum to Infinity