7. Polynomials

7.01 The Order / Degree of a Polynomial

7.02 Adding & Subtracting Polynomials

7.03 Multiplying Polynomials

7.04 Expanding Three Brackets

7.05 Introducing Polynomial Division using the Grid Method

7.06 Polynomial Division: Grid Method vs Long Division Method

7.07 An Exam-Style Question on what we know so far

7.08 What do Polynomials (especially Cubics) look like?

7.09 Introducing Sketching Cubics

7.10 Sketching a Quadratic, Cubic and Quartic Polynomial

7.11 Introducing the Factor Theorem

7.12 Examples of using the Factor Theorem

7.13a Using the Factor Theorem to Solve a Cubic Equation and Sketch the Curve

7.13b Using the Factor Theorem and Polynomial Division Instead

7.14 Introducing the Remainder Theorem

7.15 A Problem involving the Factor Theorem

7.16 A Problem involving the Remainder Theorem

7.17 A Problem involving the Factor Theorem AND the Remainder Theorem