3. Binomial Probability

3.01 Pascal's Triangle and Binostat Arcade Machines

3.02 Probability of getting exactly 6 Heads out of 8 coin flips

3.03 Probability of getting exactly 2 Sixes out of 9 rolls of a die

3.04 Introducing the Binomial Distribution

3.05 Solving a Binomial problem for an exact value (TI-82 STATS)

3.06 Introducing Cumulative Probability (TI-82 STATS)

3.07a Less than / More than / At most / At least

3.07b P(more than 1 but less than 5) and other examples

3.08 Binomial Distribution: Cumulative Probability (TI-82 STATS)

3.09 Finding the Mean and Variance of a Binomial Distribution