3. Differentiation 1

3.01 Introducing Calculus: Differentiation and Integration

3.02 Finding dy/dx of Straight Lines

3.03 Introducing dy/dx for Polynomials

3.04 Examples of Differentiating Polynomials

3.05 Finding the Gradient of a Curve at a Particular Point

3.06 Examples of Finding the Gradient of Curves at Particular Points

3.07 Introducing Tangents and Normals to Curves

3.08 Find the Equation of the Tangent to y = x^3 at (-1,-1)

3.09 Find the Equation of the Normal to y = x^3 - 2x^2 at x = -1

3.10 Extending Differentiation to include Fractional and Negative Indices

3.11 Examples of Differentiating with Fractional and Negative Indices

3.12 Recalling the Laws of Indices for Differentiation

3.13 Examples of using the Laws of Indices to Differentiate

3.14 Find the Equation of the Tangent to y = 4/sqrt(x) at x = 16

3.15 Differentiation from First Principles

3.16 Differentiation from First Principles: An Exam-style Example