5. Binomial Probabilities

5.01 Rolling Three Fair Dice: An Introduction to Binomial Probabilities

5.02 Rolling Twelve Fair Dice: The Probability of Three Sixes

5.03 Introducing the Binomial Distribution

5.04 Binomial Probability: Using the Formula

5.05 Notes on Less Than / Greater Than / At Most / At Least

5.06 Example: Less than 3, Using the Formula

5.07 A Guide to Using the Binomial Probability Tables

5.08 Binomial Probability: Using the Tables

5.09 Binomial Probability: A Worded Problem

5.10 Introducing the Expected Value of a Binomial Distribution

5.11 Introducing the Variance of a Binomial Distribution

5.12 Binomial Distribution: Finding the Expected Value and Standard Deviation