1. Exponentials & Logarithms

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1.01 Sketching y = 2^x

1.02 Sketching y = 3^x, y = 1.5^x, y = 0.5^x

1.03a Starting to Introduce Logarithms

1.03b Introducing Logarithms

1.03c Converting between Exponential and Logarithmic Form

1.04 Solving Exponential Equations by writing them in Logarithmic Form

1.05 Introducing The Laws of Logarithms

1.06 The Laws of Logarithms in ACTION

1.07 Writing expressions in terms of log(x)

1.08 Introducing Logging both sides

1.09 Solving Exponential Equations by logging both sides

1.10 Introducing Solving Logarithmic Equations

1.11 Examples of Solving Logarithmic Equations

1.12 Re-Introducing Hidden Quadratics / Quadratics in Disguise

1.13 Examples of Solving Hidden Quadratics / Quadratics in Disguise

1.14 Solving an Inequality using Logarithms

1.15 Solving a Tricky Equation using Logarithms

1.16a Introducing Reduction to Linear Form

1.16b Reduction to Linear Form: Finding the Equation of the Curve

1.16c Reduction to Linear Form: The WHOLE process