2. Trigonometry 1

2.01 Revisiting the Cosine Rule, the Sine Rule and the Area of a Triangle

2.02 When the Sine Rule can lead to Two Triangles

2.03 GCSE Recap: Vertically Opposite, Alternate, Corresponding and Allied Angles

2.04 GCSE Recap: What is a Bearing?

2.05 A Bearings Problem

2.06 Another Bearings Problem


2.08a Finding Exact Values of sin(x), cos(x) and tan(x) using Two Triangles

2.08b Find the value of cos(60)sin(30)+cos^2(30) without a calculator

2.09 Given sin(x) = 4/7, find the Exact Values of cos(x) and tan(x)

2.10 Introducing Radians

2.11 Converting between Degrees and Radians

2.12 Sectors: Deriving a formula for Arc Length in Radians

2.13 Sectors: Deriving a formula for Area in Radians

2.14 An Example of Finding the Area and Perimeter of a Sector